About Me

I’m a product designer and software engineer currently in San Francisco and working on something new.


I was head of product at Predata, a New York startup building predictive models for political intelligence.

Before that, I worked on analytics tools for Facebook and Medium, and user-facing product at AngelList and Addepar.

My work spans design and engineering; much of it has been about “interface communications design” or “core interaction mechanics”.


System-level social change. What structures help people live meaningful lives in a hyperreal world?

Tools for thought, drawing from the work of Andy Matuschak, Michael Nielsen, Bret Victor, et al.

A choreographic approach to interaction design, from the Judson Church, Yvonne Rainer, et al.

I curate a syllabus called Common Practice.

I made a zine called PROCESS with Katherine Ye & Angela Zhou.