Hi, I’m Raymond, currently at Predata in New York. I was last an undergraduate at Princeton, where I studied computer science and social and symbolic systems.

Before graduating, I held various engineering positions at companies including AngelList and Medium, was a partner at the Dorm Room Fund, and helped start the HackPrinceton hackathon. Before that, I built data tools as an intern at Addepar and Facebook. Before that, I built robots and hardware and ran a FIRST Robotics team.

My intellectual interests include: exponential growth, compounding returns, social institutions, models of human action, intention, and perception, and different forms of attention, thought, and social behavior.


May 2014 – Sep 2014
Engineering & design. Focused on UX of the in-container terminal, the main user interface for Terminal cloud containers.
Nov 2013 – Apr 2014
New features and improvements (frontend and backend). Worked on startup profiles, the fundraising product, talent product, etc.
Founding Partner
Apr 2013 – Nov 2013
Investor in student-run startups, involved at all stages from deal sourcing and diligence, to closing investments and portfolio support.
Engineering Intern
May 2013 – Aug 2013
Worked on a rewrite of the core visualization library for Addepar's finance platform, later open sourced as Ember Charts.
Engineering Intern
Jun 2012 – Aug 2012
Built several data tools, including a suite of parsers and visualizations for the performance of Hive data pipelines.

Selected Work

The open source component of my internship at Addepar.

I spent summer 2013 rewriting and extending the visualizations in Addepar's finance platform.

I worked with our UI Engineering lead to review previous work and design a performant, extensible, and uniform architecture using Ember and D3.js, and then built six different charts supporting color, transitions, interactivity, and responsive layout. I also worked on integration and related features in the main app.

We then worked with Ember creators Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale on an open source release of the charts library; it now has 500+ stars on Github.

A quality indicator for AngelList Talent candidates.

AngelList Talent lets companies and job seekers indicate interest in each other, and introduces them when there is a match.

After looking at users' behavior, I reworked what happens when a candidate indicates interest in a startup, to show the relative value of that interest.

This made a big difference to startups sourcing candidates; a few founders called it “one of the best features in the product.”

3 clicks to start receiving file uploads directly in your Dropbox.

Filer is a Dropbox API app that simplifies the process of receiving files from people, by generating short links that they can use to directly upload files to your Dropbox.

Links expire after a set amount of time; log in with your Dropbox account again to get a new one. Make sure you have notifications enabled, so you know immediately when a file arrives.

Filer was a solo project at HackPrinceton, where it won 2nd place and a $1000 prize.

Anonymous social network. Reached 3-6k MAUs, 30-60k pageviews/mo.

PFML is a moderated anonymous social site at Princeton. Think of it as Whisper or Secret, before either of those existed.

I worked with two nontechnical partners, building most of the site in Wordpress and PHP over the course of a day. It was a clone of the now defunct CollegeFML network, and competed with another FML clone created by a friend for several months.

Today, PFML gets several tens of thousands of pageviews a month, particularly around midterms and finals period.


Selected Writing

Dorm Room Fund Blog
Oct 2013
College (and lifelong) entrepreneurs have the potential to personally grow at an incredibly high compounding rate.
Medium Editors' Pick
Apr 2013
People misunderstand and overlook social applications, because by nature they involve parts of our lives we are not fully aware of.
Medium Editors' Pick
Apr 2013
No differently from fiat currencies, Bitcoin gets its value from being an established convention.